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Shoe mold silicone rubber is a two-component RTV rubber. Shoe mold silicone rubber is composed of liquid and solid set, that is coexistence of solid and liquid material. Shoe mold silicone rubber is colorless, transparent and jelly shaped. The product’s viscosity is moderate, and it will be fast curing at high temperature. In addition, Shoe mold silicone rubber has good resilience, permeability and permanent deformation. It is also heat and water resistance. Good shoe mold silicone is high and low temperature resistance, so it can be in relatively wide temperature range (- 50 ℃ ~ 200 ℃) in use. Shoe mold silicon rubber derives from chromium platinum compound catalyst, thus it is non-toxic and odorless. What’s more ,shoe mold silicone rubber has good flowability, making it easily injected into fine point. Shoe mold silicone rubber is widely used. Shoe mold silicone rubber is mainly used for shoe molds, sand casting, sole sampling, plaster models, simple products, products with non-complex patterns, as well as product models with stable size and non-deformation. Especially suitable for the molding manufacture of UPR and other craft products, mold making silicone, silicon soap molds.


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